Better Bearings 'High Quality Products, without the expensive price tag'


Unforgiving Bunny, ex President Brisbane City Rollers

As my team mates know, I'm pretty tough on my Skate gear - and Better Bearings certainly live up to their motto - to be as tough as the sport we play.  I'd recommend Better Bearings to anyone whose serious about being the best skater they can be.  

Reflecopter 173, 2013 Wizards of Oz, 2014 President Brisbane City Rollers

I like to skate hard, hit hard and sometimes I fall hard. I never thought bearings mattered. Then Ace from Better Bearings serviced my skates and upgraded me to Better Bearings.  
Now my skates feel like a natural extension of my feet and I'm having more success pulling off bad ass stuff on my skates. I have better control of my wheels and can feel the edges and are accelerating and stopping like a boss. I HIGHLY recommend Better Bearings. 

Ellton Michelle, 46, Founding member of Brisbane City Rollers

Better Bearings:

- optimal performance

- minimal friction

- great build quality 

- precision at a reasonable price point

What more do you need from a bearing?

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