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Being skater owned and operated we are all about the skating community. That's why we sell extremely high-quality products at affordable prices. Let's face it, a 16-year-old skater can't afford to skate on ceramics if they buy other brand's bearings. Our aim is to have everyone to be able to experience and purchase the highest quality bearings at affordable prices. Please do not mistake our cheaper prices for an inferior product. We welcome you to compare our bearings to the best, we know you will find ours well... Better. 

Another way we like to support the skate community is to sponsor skaters. Every one of our team brings passion, drive, a love for skating and they also give back to the community in some way.  We are proud to have each and every one of them on our team. 

We will be adding to this throughout the year but please meet the Better Bearings Skaters below. click here if you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team. 

Nikita Elaine 

Skating since 2007, Nikita skates Ramps and Jam Skates. She started skating by playing junior roller derby for a few years, but eventually decided to focus on her love of ramp skating. Nikita discovered Jam skating in 2014 – the skate equivalent of hip-hop/rap dancing. Jam skating is a huge amount of fun and extremely challenging. Nikita loves busting out moves to tunes at every opportunity.

But Nikita’s true passion lies on ramps. She’s been ramp skating since 2011 and loves every minute of it. When she first began, she was completely unaware there were other skaters who also shared her passion, so she invented & learned her early skills from scratch. This gives her a somewhat unique skill set, together with years of learning in unorthodox ways and pushing her boundaries. Nikita particularly enjoys the supportive and accepting culture that has grown around the recent rebirth of the sport. She is sponsored by Chicks in Bowls (CiB) and Better Bearings.

Her years of coaching experience make her well practised at breaking concepts into palatable chunks of information so even the most complex moves can be learnt efficiently & effectively. She coaches learn to skate classes and aggressive ramp workshops for Skatescool Australia.

Some skating highlights include:

- Planning, hosting and skating in the 2016 TGSSSS (The Great Southern Slam Skatepark Showdown) through Chicks in Bowls Adelaide with some of the best skaters from Australia and New Zealand;
- Being supported by Newcastle Roller Derby League to attend the 2013 Rollerpalooza, a national ramp skating event in Newcastle, NSW, and participating in advanced demos there in 2013 & 2015 & 2018;

- Being a demo skater in Melbourne’s Shredageddon in 2016 and 2017.

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Tamara Warner / Harry Smyles

Tamara Warner aka Harry Smyles of Sun State Rollergirls! Tam discovered her love for skating in 2012, having been to a roller derby game and deciding this was the sport she wanted to play. Since then, Tam has skated with leagues in Western Australia, Victoria, Adelaide and now Queensland where she has found her place in the Sun State Roller Girls.

Highlights of Tam’s skating career was travelling to Japan with the Adelaidies to compete, moving to Queensland and playing Tropicarnage with the Sun State Roller Girls Swarm within a month and teaching both adults and children how to skate through Skatescool Australia.

Tam started as a blocker, moved to pivoting and is now jamming for the Sun State Rollergirls. We just know our bearings will keep her slick and fast on those humid floors!

When she isn’t skating, Tam is a social worker and has specialised in drug rehabilitation, child protection and specialised learning programs for children at risk. Tam makes her purpose in life to be a positive influence in many young people’s lives.

Her passion for the sport, great attitude, how much she gives back to the community and all-round sportsmanship, makes her a perfect Better Bearings ambassador.

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Chloe / Skateymcskateface


Chloe has been roller skating for 3 years now. She spent the first half of her life as a competitive ice skater. She discovered roller skating after seeing a flyer for a local roller derby league. She played 2 seasons of roller derby where she fell in love with skating but did not like the strict rules and drills of the sport. A spontaneous trip to a roller disco 2 years ago changed everything. Chloe saw a way to combine her new love of roller skating with her lifetime of artistic skating background. The same year, some friends invited her to a local skate park and she was immediately hooked. Roller skating with no rules, no schedule, no boundaries is Chloe’s happy place.

Chloe loves combining artistic skating and ramp skating and recently taught classes at the 2018 Moxi Roller Skate Camp on how to bring ice skating moves to your roller skating. 

Chloe lives in Ottawa, Canada but can normally be spotted skating around Montreal with the Chicks in Bowls Montreal crew. She is sponsored by Moxi Roller Skates, Neon Skates and Better Bearings.

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Olivia Wardlow / Miss O

Miss O is 10 years old and completely awesome already. She lives in San Diego, California.

She’s a ball of energy and loves ALL sports, including basketball, gymnastics, skateboarding, and surfing. Her favourite is Roller Skating.

She started skating about 2 yrs ago on some Barbie skates she got as a gift from her grandma. She rolled around the neighbourhood and then inside the house. When she started launching off the stairs, her brother suggested she try roller skating at the skate park. She tried it and it was game on from there!  

Miss O is also skates with Chicksinbowls and is sponsored by Surf City Skates, Socco and 187 Killer Pads. 

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Ashley Chitty  / Chitty

Asheley Chitty credit to MG Photography

Credit to MG Photography @fxmixer

Chitty started off fresher than Whip It at the Rink in 2011, a tender 18 yr old learning to skate. She fell in love at first skate and went weak at the kneepads...

Fast forward to TGSS 2014, a few years of travel team roller derby under her belt as a Bunbury Brawlstar, she discovered a love of skateparks after seeing the Chicks in Bowls crew.  She has now grown to appreciate and love all the disciplines of quad skates and has adapted into her lifestyle.

Sharing the stoke, pushing your own boundaries and seeing the world as an urban jungle to skate has changed her perspective of skating as a whole. So much so It's now a large contributor to her lifestyle and travelling, having met skaters from different parts of the world with a shared passion!!

Chitty looks forward to being a part of the Better Bearings team, a team that believes in the evolution and motivation for skating with the best products from the skater, for the skater.

She loves to push limits, question possibilities and use her imagination to be a better skater every time she laces up. Her motto is - if it's not fun, you're not doing it right. 

Recently Chitty has joined Team Indigenous and will be competing at the National Roller Derby Championships in Brisbane this October. Team Indigenous is currently raising money to attend the Championships, plus 10% of the money raised will go to an Aboriginal organisation in need. 

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 Izzy Patron 

Izzy Patron

Izzy has been skating since 2012, involved in both roller derby and ramps. Playing for a junior league in Brisbane for 5 years, she had the opportunity to represent Australia at the first Junior Roller Derby World Cup in Seattle, Washington. While still being a junior, she attended Sun State Roller Girls’ scrimmages – both NSO’ing and benching – which furthered her knowledge of the sport.  

From there, she transitioned to an adult league and played for Sun State Roller Derby, representing them at a few tournaments both nationally and internationally. She was also lucky to have the opportunity of coaching juniors in both Adelaide and Caloundra, and an adult league in Las Vegas during this period.

Ever since first dropping into a half pipe, she has fallen in love with everything there is to do with skating ramps. Izzy has been able to use the skills she has accumulated from 6 years of derby and apply them to this area of skating. She has taken a year off derby and now skates for the Chicks in Bowls Brisbane chapter, focusing on accomplishing more on the ramps. Showing enthusiasm and passion, she is willing to learn more each and every time she hits the skate park.

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Samantha Trayhurn / Marmaladeslam

Samantha Trayhurn

Sam started her roller skating with Paradise City Roller Derby on the Gold Coast. She skated with the league at local, national and international bouts between 2014-2017. In 2017, she tried her hand at the FIRS rules-set and loved the fast and dynamic gameplay. She competed at the 2017 World Roller Games in Nanjing, China.

Roller skating changed for Sam in early 2017 when she was taught to drop in by veteran ramp skater Fink at Derbyfest. She now resides in Sydney where she is focusing on her newfound love of ramp skating. She loves the freedom of skating and pushing herself to achieve new tricks. Some of her favourite things include jumping off obstacles, skating things that people say she shouldn’t, and strange or secret spots.

Sam can be found rolling at least a few times a week with the Chicks in Bowls Sydney crew, showing beginners the basics at local skate nights, or teaching the occasional RollerFit class. She loves the way the skating community is one big family and loves taking her skates wherever she goes. One of her favourite roller skating moments was skating on the Great Wall of China.

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Christina Lai

Christina Lai Sponsored Skater

Chrissy has been skateboarding for just over a year now and she absolutely loves it. Her goal is to promote the message that skaters are not bad, and skateboarding is not a crime. She told us that most of the public’s eye on skateboarding is negative, as they see us as destroying and rebellious youths. Truth is, skateboarding is a community that accepts anyone despite age, gender or ethnicity. That’s why she skates. Chrissy is also a  Silver medallist from the Malaysian skate competition.

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Baby Girl Dee


Baby Girl Dee is 22-year-old queer artist, activist, creator, loud mouth opinionated Xingona & ROLLER SKATER born & raised in East Oakland California. In September 2018 it'll be two years since she found her love of Roller Skating, that being said she has never paid a game of Derby in her life. She started on a size 7 men's skate with hard plastic wheels & a boot two sizes too big, but with two pairs of socks & a stoved toe, she was determined to learn how to skate & to shred.  In April 2018, she has announced aa s new proud member of the MOXI ROLLER SKATE TEAM, she also skates for the amazing ANTI CLIQUE ZINE & for the awesome BIG FOOT BIKE & SKATE!

Besides roller skating, she is a vintage enthusiast, model & stylist, and  above all, an advocate for JUSTICE & EQUALITY, 

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Kyle Hamilton 

Kyle Hamilkton

Kyle is in his late 20's, he is a father or 4 and he met his wife in Roller Derby.

He has been roller skating since the age of 2 and plans on skating till he is 102. Roller hockey was his main sport growing up where he played in first national championships at the young age of 5. In the under 17 division he went on to play for New Zealand at every age group and made the New Zealand  Men's team when he was just 16 years old.

Currently, Kyle is coaching the New Zealand Woman’s Roller Hockey team.

Kyle found his way into roller derby in 2013 and quickly made a name for himself on the track and had the pleasure of playing for New Zealand in what was to be the first ever men’s international bout against Australia.

Kyle impressed us with his sponsorship application by sending us around 15 videos of him skating on all different disciplines, inline, quads, skateboarding and scootering. His mother sent him to the skate park when he was around 10years old and let’s just say he has never left. He started out on quads but quickly started to pick everything else up as well. 

After spending so much time in the skate park Kyle ended up picking up a job there, this started out as a few hours a week and the turned into a full-time management role. In 2016 Sk8zone closed down and Bay Skate opened up and Kyle transitioned to running this facility. 

Kyle is also currently the New Zealand rep on the Australasian Scooter Association with his main focus on hosting bigger and better scooter comps in New Zealand.

Now his focus is on having fun, passing on his knowledge to anyone that wants it and trying to get as many people rolling as possible. Kyle is always trying to be the best he can be when it comes to skating and roller sports, and we must say he is pretty damn awesome.

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Stacey Short / Staceyskates

Stacey Short

Born in Sydney, Australia and forever travelling and discovering new places. 
Stacey is currently living on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. Roller Skating has been a lifelong passion for StaceySkates. Her Dad took her skating from a young age and she instantly fell in love with the sensation of Rolling and not long after was competing in Artistic Skating at a State and National level for 17 years.  Stacey hung up her Skates in her teens to travel the world and rediscovered her love for Skating in her mid-20s and from there opened @rollergirlpromoitonsaustralia followed by @rollerfit hosting weekly classes in 6 cities across Australia and regularly roller discos in Sydney. Stacey was announced on the #moxiskateteam in early 2015 which has given her the opportunity to help grow the community of Roller skaters and travel the world coaching RollerSkating wherever she goes.  These days Stacey spends most of her time coaching but spends her self-care skate time roller dancing, spinning and most recently learning ramp skating. 
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Jeneva Martinez - Drama Mama


Jeneva aka (Drama Mama) was born and raised in Roswell New Mexico. She is a skate “collector” but currently skating the Chaya Jumps and her van set-up with CIB sliders depending on what tricks she decides to work on. She is currently sponsored by Wildbone Skate Team, Mountainside Skate Shop and Demaree’s Pumping. Drama Mama is a Roller Derby coach for Roswell Roller Derby and plays with West Texas Roller Derby. She fell in love with park skating first and then started Roller Derby. She has said, “park skating makes me a better derby player and playing derby makes me a better park skater; so if you don’t find me on the track, come find me on the ramps!”

Drama is also a breast cancer survivor. When she was 27 years old she received a  diagnosis and had to have a Double Mastectomy removing both of her breast and reconstruction using her abdomen muscles. She is a small business owner which gave her the opportunity to focus on trying to help the homeless in her Community. Five years ago she started a tent and sleeping bag program because they didn’t have a shelter in Roswell. After forming a 501(c)(3) and a board of directors they were able to raise enough money to open two homeless shelters. She had been awarded two humanitarian awards from her hometown. 

Drama is always looking at coming up with new tricks. Including the drama flip and a fakie front flip pivot. 

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Philipp Schmid 

Philipp hails from Germany but has pitched his tent in Cape Town, South Africa for the past 10 years. The endless summer at the tip of Africa has the former aggressive inline skater in awe of every sunset under the iconic beauty of Table Mountain. When not practising roller derby with Team Germany you can find him shredding some urban outdoor spots or local skate parks.

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Lauren Bertelli / Winona Grynder

Winona Grynder

Lauren aka Winona Grynder began roller skating through roller derby as a freshly 18-year-old, full of enthusiasm and determination. Roller derby was something that did not come easy to her and it took two years of fresh meat before she played in her debut bout. Since then she has played two seasons and coached fresh meat. After six years of being involved in roller derby, she decided to take some time off from June this year to focus on her ramp skating and university studies.

The end of 2016 was when Lauren discovered ramp skating. She was travelling around North America so couldn't play roller derby and decided that learning to ramp skate would be a fantastic way to still get in some skate time. Now she is almost two years in and her passion for roller skating has never been stronger!

Since moving to Brisbane mid-2017, Lauren has become an avid member of the ramp skating community. She co-manages Chicks in Bowls Brisbane, and has helped grow the Chapter immensely, and unite skaters from all around South East Queensland. She gets great joy in being part of others' skate journeys and finds nothing more rewarding than seeing a fellow skater nail a new trick or skill.

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Jack Bartrim / Noisyboy

Noisy Boy

Noisy has been involved in roller derby since they were 15 and is now 22. Noisy found that they just really enjoyed the skating more and more.

They started with the Tweed Valley Vikings, where they had their first bout at 16, and have never looked back. Noisy has been a part of The Bass Strait Brawlers for just over 3 years now, where we became National Champions in 2017.

Roller Derby for Noisy is more about technique and your ability to push yourself to be better every time you hit the track. Noisy has enjoyed being a part of 2 gold medal winning teams involved in the URDP mixed gender tournament, first in div 2 2017 with the mighty Quad Squad of Toowoomba, then moved into Div 1 with their Tasmanian Brawlers teammates in the United Tassie team 2018.

Noisy says being involved and skating with such quality skaters keeps you honest and drives you, to keep getting better.

For fun Noisy loves to do a bit of ramp skating, we are lucky to have many great places to skate on the Gold Coast, indoors or out, you can have many great street skates along our beautiful beaches or up in Brisbane for a skate along the river.

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Rubio  Tradi

Rubio started quad skating in 1984. Since then, he has been in competitions in several places, especially in Spain, and has won many of them both aggressive and downhill. 
He has a passion for roller skating and it fits in with his everyday life, so much so he makes his own skateboard and his own grid blocks. As a skater, he knows what he needs out of his gear and he likes to be able to skate with a lot of tricks and have fun every day that he skates.
Rubio also organises freeride and downhill events. He has also been organising aggressive
competitions since 2008. He has also organised competitions for chicks in bowls and the most important competitions of quads in Spain, where he has managed to bring the best quads skaters of the moment.
Rubio manufactures parts for the brand quad prods, set up, grind blocks and all their customizations.
Video Rubio sk88 LOVE IS un the Air
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PeiPei Alena 


Pei, aka Bgirl Peppa is a Professional Stunt Woman/ Actress, Martial Artist and Dancer who works in Hollywood California in Television and a Film.

She enjoys roller dancing for pure fun and loves to incorporate Bgirling and Hip Hop Dance into her skating. Pei has a desire to inspire and  enjoys creating social media content with her friends, videos that feature action, comedy, fights and dance with Intents to bring smiles and laughter to the world .
She recently Performed with the @surfcityrollergirls during Oktoberfest and had a blast rocking a dirndl.
Peppa started Rollerskating as a kid in the 80’s growing up in the Bay Area when every kids birthday was at Golden Skate in San Ramon, California. Later she enjoyed rollerblading as a form of transport in high school and living in NYC. She enjoys going to local LA rinks and Venice Beach.
Pei is thankful that Stacey skates held a contest that connected her to Better Bearings. 


Ian Bryant

Ian Bryant

Ian is 20 and from sunny San Diego, California. He is absolutely nuts about skateboarding. He has been skating for 4 years now and considers himself mostly a street skater. Ian has picked transition skating a bit as well and am trying to get well outside his comfort zone.

For Ian, skateboarding is a way to express himself and feel free. He thinks on a daily basis about how he is going to progress and grow with skateboarding. His plan is to keep on pushing and having fun.

Ian just competed in a mini ramp and street style competition a few weeks ago and took 3rd in both divisions. 

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Jem Barr / Molly Ringmauled


Jem aka Molly first discovered a love of being on wheels at about 12 years old, after watching her mother play Roller Derby for NRDL's Fort Smashleys. She spent the next six years on and off wheels until she joined the fresh meat program with Northern Brisbane Rollers. She progressed through to league quickly and loved the sport but unfortunately is on hiatus due to training and games clashing with work.

Molly then turned her attention to ramps, having been watching the Moxi Skate Team highlight reels in the years previous and being totally inspired. She’s been skating ramps since January 2018 and has found it to be her one true love.

Nothing makes Molly happier than helping beginner skaters find their feet on wheels, or taking a skater into the ramps for the very first time. Molly is an active member of the Brisbane chapter of Chicks In Bowls and absolutely adores skating and the community that comes with it. Her long-term goal is to work in a job where she gets to be on skates every single day!

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Sarah Rodriguez


Photo credit Anthony Guzman @antfarm__

Sarah laced up her first pair of skates back in 2010 to play roller derby. She retired from Bay Area Derby in 2015 and threw herself into the skatepark scene. Soon after she was added on to the Moxi Skate Team. Most days you can find her at the skatepark, street skating, or dance skating with local skate crew @Oaklandrollers. They are made up of mostly educators and artists and meetup every Wednesday and invite anyone in the community to join. Since one of Sarah's passions is teaching, she loves working with beginners at these free skate sessions and seeing their determination and joy when things start clicking. She also coaches 1 on 1.

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Jess Tredinnick/Starlite XS


Jess lives in Penzance in the far west of Cornwall in the UK. 

She is a mother of two and as a family, they all skate, surf and take full advantage of their surroundings. Jess spends most of her time outdoors, be it surfing, skating (skateboarding and rollerskating), just spending time near the sea walking or chilling on the beach. 

IShe enjoyed rollerskating as a child but didn’t continue as she grew up, spending most of her spare time surfing and participating in Surf Life Saving. She dabbled with rollerblading in her late teens, but then really took to skateboarding and the rollerblades were tossed aside! Jess didn’t then get back on skates until she took up roller derby a few years later, which she played for 2-3 years, but gradually spent more and more time at the skatepark on her skates and less and less time on the derby track. 

Jess tries to keep her skating progressive and loves getting creative (skating odd spots is her absolute favourite) and pushing herself to see what new tricks she can come up with, such as the “pretzel air”.  She's always looking to better her skating and gets huge satisfaction from helping others better their skill set too!

Jess is also sponsored by Anticliquezine.

Lauren Dillard


Lauren has been roller skating for the past two years. Started skating July 2016. She initially started with skating at the skating the trail and going to her local skate park. She prefers to park skate because there’s not a set time or rules. It is her own little way to express myself and get out a lot of build of energy.

Lauren told us she loves the environment and community roller skating has exposed her to.  

Soon after she started skating she became a brand ambassador for it's a women’s clothing company designed to empower and motivate girls/women to live fearlessly and to provide a common ground of women of all action sports to come together and shred! 

In October 2018 she became the skate team manager for the Mountain Side Skate Shop (In Manitou, CO) and also apart of their WildBone team. 

Lauren is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Social Work and plans to graduate in May 2019. She also spends a majority of her time working at a nonprofit organization - Wings for L.I.F.E. Wings for L.I.F.E. was designed to build and strengthen healthy family relationships and individual life-skills through "best practice" programs that produce positive behaviours while respecting the dignity of those we serve in Chaves County, New Mexico. With Wings for L.I.F.E. she teaches a life-skills/resiliency for youth program at 3 separate middle schools weekly. She enjoys her position and being able to work within her community. 

Leo Bradburd / Bantam

Bantam Hoho

Bantam began skating around the dining room table on a pair of skates from Goodwill at age six and saw their first derby bout with their aunt at the age of nine, and immediately fell in love. It wasn't until a year later, however, that they found out that Rat City Roller Derby had a junior derby league, and immediately started begging their parents to take them to the new skater camp. They joined the league, and never looked back. 

After spending four years trying to stick out as a jammer, Bantam found that they really enjoyed blocking, and advanced to the nationally ranked Galaxy Girls this season, where they hope to stay until they age out of the league. In the summer between eighth and ninth grade, however, Bantam found their true love; Park skating. They were intrigued by the notorious Lady Trample after seeing her jam in a video at practice, and then went home and did a light bit of internet stalking and found out about CIB. They now spend every free second in the skate park.

When they are not skating, park or otherwise, they enjoy daydreaming lines or tricks that they wish to try or watching roller-skating videos. They hope to get through the school, but promise that the second they turn eighteen they are moving back to Australia to be closer to family. 

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Tom Enwright

Tom enwright

Tom is just 14 years old and has been skating for a couple of years.  He believes all skaters are good people in the heart, but might not come across that way all the time. His wish is for skateboarding and skaters to be accepted by everyone and make them realise skating gives you determination. 

Tom skates every day and loves working on his skills. 

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Van Brown / 

Van Brown

Photograph by @jeffheral

Van is a18-year-old skater/hockey player from Sunny San Diego, California. He loves skating, snowboarding, hockey, drifting, and Japanese Cars, but skating has been with him since day one. He was born and raised on a skateboard, but never really started doing tricks until he met his best friend in freshman year of high school (who also rides for better bearings, Ian Bryant). Van is a Tranny skater and is working on getting better at street. He just loves flying through the air, which is why he loves ramps. His main goal in skating is to make a name for himself, but have fun and improve his skills every day doing it.

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