BB Team Skaters

Being skater owned and operated we are all about the skating community. That's why we sell extremely high-quality products at affordable prices. Let's face it, a 16-year-old skater can't afford to skate on ceramics if they buy other brand's bearings. Our aim is to have everyone to be able to experience and purchase the highest quality bearings at affordable prices. Please do not mistake our cheaper prices for an inferior product. We welcome you to compare our bearings to the best, we know you will find ours well... Better. 

Another way we like to support the skate community is to sponsor skaters. Every one of our team brings passion, drive, a love for skating and they also give back to the community in some way.  We are proud to have each and every one of them on our team. 

We will be adding to this throughout the year but please meet the Better Bearings Skaters below. click here if you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team. 

Nikita Elaine 

Nikita Eliane

Skating since 2007, Nikita skates Ramps and Jam Skates. She started skating by playing junior roller derby for a few years, but eventually decided to focus on her love of ramp skating. Nikita discovered Jam skating in 2014 – the skate equivalent of hip-hop/rap dancing. Jam skating is a huge amount of fun and extremely challenging. Nikita loves busting out moves to tunes at every opportunity.

But Nikita’s true passion lies on ramps. She’s been ramp skating since 2011 and loves every minute of it. When she first began, she was completely unaware there were other skaters who also shared her passion, so she invented & learned her early skills from scratch. This gives her a somewhat unique skill set, together with years of learning in unorthodox ways and pushing her boundaries. Nikita particularly enjoys the supportive and accepting culture that has grown around the recent rebirth of the sport. She is sponsored by Chicks in Bowls (CiB) and Better Bearings.

Her years of coaching experience make her well practised at breaking concepts into palatable chunks of information so even the most complex moves can be learnt efficiently & effectively. She coaches learn to skate classes and aggressive ramp workshops for Skatescool Australia.

Some skating highlights include:

- Planning, hosting and skating in the 2016 TGSSSS (The Great Southern Slam Skatepark Showdown) through Chicks in Bowls Adelaide with some of the best skaters from Australia and New Zealand;
- Being supported by Newcastle Roller Derby League to attend the 2013 Rollerpalooza, a national ramp skating event in Newcastle, NSW, and participating in advanced demos there in 2013 & 2015 & 2018;

- Being a demo skater in Melbourne’s Shredageddon in 2016 and 2017.

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Tamara Warner / Harry Smyles

Harry Smyles

Tamara Warner aka Harry Smyles of Sun State Rollergirls! Tam discovered her love for skating in 2012, having been to a roller derby game and deciding this was the sport she wanted to play. Since then, Tam has skated with leagues in Western Australia, Victoria, Adelaide and now Queensland where she has found her place in the Sun State Roller Girls.

Highlights of Tam’s skating career was travelling to Japan with the Adelaidies to compete, moving to Queensland and playing Tropicarnage with the Sun State Roller Girls Swarm within a month and teaching both adults and children how to skate through Skatescool Australia.

Tam started as a blocker, moved to pivoting and is now jamming for the Sun State Rollergirls. We just know our bearings will keep her slick and fast on those humid floors!

When she isn’t skating, Tam is a social worker and has specialised in drug rehabilitation, child protection and specialised learning programs for children at risk. Tam makes her purpose in life to be a positive influence in many young people’s lives.

Her passion for the sport, great attitude, how much she gives back to the community and all-round sportsmanship, makes her a perfect Better Bearings ambassador.

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Chloe / Skateymcskateface


Chloe has been roller skating for 3 years now. She spent the first half of her life as a competitive ice skater. She discovered roller skating after seeing a flyer for a local roller derby league. She played 2 seasons of roller derby where she fell in love with skating but did not like the strict rules and drills of the sport. A spontaneous trip to a roller disco 2 years ago changed everything. Chloe saw a way to combine her new love of roller skating with her lifetime of artistic skating background. The same year, some friends invited her to a local skate park and she was immediately hooked. Roller skating with no rules, no schedule, no boundaries is Chloe’s happy place.

Chloe loves combining artistic skating and ramp skating and recently taught classes at the 2018 Moxi Roller Skate Camp on how to bring ice skating moves to your roller skating. 

Chloe lives in Ottawa, Canada but can normally be spotted skating around Montreal with the Chicks in Bowls Montreal crew. She is sponsored by Moxi Roller Skates, Neon Skates and Better Bearings.

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