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There has been so much violence against women and children in the news of late. I myself grew up in a violent household, and the word that keeps coming to my mind is ENOUGH. 

Better Bearings has always set out to help women, our giving was always designed to keep girls safe, and to give access to education. While this, still very important, I have decided to move our giving to a different charity, UN Women Australia.

UN Women is the United Nations agency for women’s empowerment and gender equality, focusing on ending violence, ending poverty, and increasing women's leadership.
Violence against women is a grave violation of human rights. It comes in many forms and its impacts are deep.

Women of all ages, race, culture, and socio-economic situations experience domestic or intimate partner violence, sexual harassment and assault, female genital mutilation, trafficking, sexual violence in conflict, and gender-related killings. In fact, it is estimated that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their life.

These forms of violence result in immediate and long-term physical, sexual and mental health consequences, while also preventing women from fully participating in society. Violence not only has negative consequences for women but also families, communities, and countries at large.

While decades of campaigning have put ending gender-based violence high on national and international agendas, there is still not enough being done to prevent violence.

UN Women works to prevent and respond to violence against women across the globe by:

  1. Expanding access to services, such as mental, physical, and sexual health care, post-rape care, and counselling;

  2. Implementing initiatives to address sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public spaces;

  3. Improving knowledge and providing guidance around implementing laws, policies, and programs; and

  4. Advocating to end violence against women through the Secretary General’s UNiTE to end violence against women campaign.

Moving forward from May 1st, 2021, 5% of the profit from Better Bearings will go to UN Women Australia. 

When you buy from Better Bearings it will help to support the world’s largest movement for gender equality, ensuring that women and girls are safe from violence and free to have choice and opportunity.