Every great story has a beginning…which is where we might as well start.... 

… A great start

Ace Vagas (who founded the first Roller Derby shop in Australia) came up with the idea for Better Bearings not long after going to The 2014 Great Southern Slam in Adelaide. Because Ace used to own a skate shop, skaters were approaching her and complaining about their bearings. Having serviced hundreds of skates, Ace knew that she could develop a bearing that was stronger and superior… 

…So one week later…

Ace teamed up with Narsty and got a bunch of samples sent from a whole bunch of different bearing companies. She then asked her friends and Skaters from across Australia to try to break them and report what they thought. 

Ace and Narsty

The bearings we use now at Better Bearings were the highest performing from many, many trials……put through rigorous testing by some of Australia’s best skaters including the boys from Brisbane City Rollers ...and when they stopped breaking, they knew they had the right combination.

However, with Better Bearings growing and Ace and Narsty both working full-time, maintaining Better Bearings at the high quality that built the brand was becoming taxing…and they decided to close Better Bearings.

Enter Kerryn...

A passionate Skater and business owner who founded Skatescool Australia, who couldn’t let Better Bearings go. As soon as she found out Better Bearings was closing down, she knew that she wanted to continue the amazing Brand and grow it further. 

Kerryn’s completely committed to maintaining the reputation that Better Bearings earned by providing high quality, handcrafted, competitively priced and super tough bearings. She is also striving to make Better Bearings an ethical & environmentally sustainable company. Giving back to the community is a top priority. 

Our Products

Better Bearings are not only crafted to withstand the rigours of roller derby, park, street and inline hockey, they're priced competitively - so that we can all afford them...…and they’re tough! 

All Better Bearings are above an ABEC 7 rating (ABEC rating...it's a thing), not so much for the speed, but for the level of attention and quality during manufacture...which as it turns out, means they'll go faster too!

They're reliable and longer lasting...which means you spend more time skating, and less time mucking around with your gear.

Easy to clean and maintain, Better Bearings have really easy to remove shields, which makes cleaning easier! You can get everything you need to keep your bearings spinning in our complete bearing packs, or buy bearing maintenance and cleaning gear separately. Our packaging makes transporting and sorting your bearings, easier and well...…just better really.