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Bearing Wash & Lube Instructions

Thanks for choosing Better Bearings Bearing Wash & Lube to keep your bearings in great, clean condition! These superior, environmentally friendly products increases bearing speed, by floating dirt and removing rust from bearings. It doesn’t leave a heavy film during the drying process and the citrus not only smells good, but removes the grease!

Better Bearings Lube protects against corrosion and coats all the bearings internal surfaces to help your bearings roll smoother and last longer.  Better Bearing Lube minimises friction and prevents wear to your bearings, races and balls making them last longer and skate faster. It is suitable for steel, carbon and ceramic bearings.

Better Bearings Environmentally Friendly Packaging & Supporting Gender Equality. 

The wash and lube bottles are made from Corn Flour. The Wash lid is aluminium. The lube lid is made from Bamboo, glass and silica gel (biodegradable). Please recycle. 

Your purchase from Better Bearings helps to support the world’s largest movement for gender equality, ensuring that women and girls are safe from violence and free to have choice and opportunity. 5% of the profits go to UN Women Australia.

Want A Shout Out?

Take a video while you are cleaning your bearings, tags us @betterbearings and we will give you a shout out on social media. If you love our product click here to review the bearing wash,  click here to review the lube, and/or click here to review the essential service pack. 


Better Bearings Wash and Lube Instructions. 

1. Remove rubber shields (carefully with a pin).

2. Place bearings in a shaking container (one with a lid, obviously).

3. Pour Better Bearing Wash in (just enough to cover bearings).

4. Shake it, like you’re making James Bond a dirty martini.

5. Let bearings sit for a minute or so.

6. Give another really big shake.

7. Spin bearings fast to remove excess wash, then place them on lint free cloth to dry.

8. Once fully dry, place 1 drop of Better Bearings Lube into each bearing.

9. Spin them again.

10. Replace shields (again, carefully) and you’re ready to Rock n’ Roll!


DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BEARINGS IN THE WASH LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES. Although this wash is super safe to use and dispose of, it would taste really bad. DO NOT DRINK THIS PRODUCT AND DON’T LET YOUR KIDS EITHER. One bottle should last 3/4 bearing cleans. Do not swallow lid as could be choking hazard.

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