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Katja Djukic

Katja Djukic

Katja Djukic



Ljubljana, Slovenia


Skate Style

Ramp Skating





Katja started the CIB Slovenia chapter and teaches kids and others how to roller skate on flat and ramps.
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Katja started roller skating with roller derby in Ljubljana back in 2014. She loved the idea of skating together with those badass chicks and playing this really challenging sport. Later she was introduced to ramp skating in Italy when on a boot camp with her team, and she saw Irene (doom_394) and Dafne @daphomet and a few other girls skating on ramps!. Katja instantly fell in love! She also saw the video from the Moxi skate team and then started to go to the skatepark almost every day. 

She loves to ramp skate and the incredible feeling she has while skating, which was the main reason she wanted to make her community grow. Katja wanted to skate with other people, share the love and teach all she had learned herself. She found it boring to skate alone for almost one year so she decided she needed a rollerskating girl gang and opened a CIB chapter in Slovenia. :)

Katja says she got addicted when she started to push herself and when she did things she never imagined she could do. 

Currently Katja is working as a rollerskating teacher in a skatepark called Urban Roof. She is now a 100% ramp skater. 

Till now we had 2 CIB meet ups with CIB Slo, cibitaly, CIB Austria and CIB Croatia and a few events where I taught kids how to skate. 

Katja also competed in(Pannonian Challenge , and was the only roller skater, but still managed to win best trick! 

Her goals are to spread the community and get better, improve her skating skills. 

You can find in Urban Roof and Skatepark ROG. Slovenia also has a lot of other DIY skateparks, if you want to know where, just hit her up on social media!

Katja Djukic

Katja is teaching kids and others how to roller skate on flat and ramps and says it’s the best thing that has ever happened to her. She has made so many friends sharing the same passion for roller skating. It is incredible, she loves the feeling when she meets new people, she said they don’t know each other but we feel so connected. There’s a lot of positive energy and love. 

Their chapter includes 17 skaters. Katja, Andrea, Dora, Eva, Živa, Veronika, Vita, Naja, Tanja, Tanja, Barbara, Julija, Tina, Ita, Mojca, Ana and Klemen. 

We usually meet in our DIY skatepark and skate for hours. 

Katja Djukic with CIB Slovenia
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Katja Djukic

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Katja Djukic

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