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Why Better Bearings

Why better Bearings


Every bearing in the Better Bearings range is above an ABEC 7 classification. ABEC ratings are an industry standard with the higher the number the more speed it gives skaters. Better Bearings choose highly rated bearings for the level of attention and quality that is received during the design and manufacture.

We know you want a hassle-free, smooth and fast roll, so that's what we designed...


Better Bearings started sourcing our own bearings to test. We treated them badly...really badly.

We didn't clean them as often as we'd recommend, we skated them outdoors and changed wheels all the time. We left them in the car, alone, in Derby bags full of sweaty gear for weeks at a time.

So we designed a range of bearings which surpasses even our expectations.

We're proud to skate on them ourselves and happy to share them with the entire Skate community.

Breaking Bad ... Breaking

Better Bearings are pre-spun during the quality testing phase at the factory, however (like all bearings), they're not going to spin fast and free right out of the packaging, because they're packed pre-lubed to protect them while waiting for you to give them a new home.

This lube needs a bit of time to heat up, disperse throughout the bearing surfaces and help the bearings' moving parts to loosen up. Most of our testers said that by the second training session they were rolling great.

Spacers and Sideloading

Sideloading is when all the pressure is put on one side of the bearings, which slightly changes where the ball bearings and the race surface touch and the axis of the bearing.

Better Bearings only use the hardest wearing materials in order to deal with this issue. Using spacers can help the structural integrity of the setup, however, we've had no issues in testing them without spacers. 

Twice Inspected

Better Bearings are inspected twice. Once before the bearings leave our factory and once when we hand package them.

Product Sourcing

Better Bearings has sourced Australian made products where ever possible.


We use a 100% carbon neutral courier company for both international and local deliveries. Our courier satchels are made from cornstarch with a binding agent/resin added for flexibility and can be reused.  Once you have finished with the satchel they are home compostable. 

Skater Tested
We asked Skaters to test our bearings...

The brief was simple. Skate them and treat them like you usually do!  

The test team comes from all over Australia. They train on nice floors, dirty floors and outdoors. They went to the skate park, rolled through beer and glitter and played a lot of bouts.

We shipped them back and forth to check how they were holding up. All our testers loved them so much that they are happy to give great testimonials and trust them to keep them rolling whether they are at a skate park or playing their next bout. 


Our bearing packaging and tough nuts box is made from 100% recycled paper and is biodegradable and our cleaning products are environmentally safe.

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