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Yes, we did just name a blog post from a line from the B52's song Love Shack.

Did your bearings get wet during all this rain? or even a bit damp? It might not be too late if you ACT NOW! Clean them right away and dry them all the way out, Use Better Bearings cleaner that helps protect against rusting.

Here’s the quick How To clean your bearings. We recommend using Better Bearings cleaning products.

You will need:

  • Skate tool
  • Pin or needle
  • Better Bearings Wash
  • Better Bearings Oil
  • Bearing press or bearing pull tool

(save your self some $$$ and grab the Better Bearings Service Pack)

Step by Step

  • firstly remove your wheels from the skate axle by undoing the axle nuts, you use a skate tool for this. Check your nuts for any damage. If they unscrew easy or are rusted replace them with Better Bearings Tough Nuts.

  • Take the bearings out of the wheels hubs, use a bearing puller/ tool if you have one, or very carfully use a skate axle to pry the bearing out of the wheel hub although this is not recommended.

  • Take off the coloured bearing shields by putting the tip of a pin or needle between the inner race and sheild and flicking them off. Be careful not to damage the shields. Clean them off just using a clean cloth and check that they sit flat on a table, Their job is to protect your bearing if they are bent or damaged they will let dust into the bearings. Replace if they are to damaged. 

  • Place your unsheilded bare bearings into a bowl or container and cover with Better Bearings Bearing Wash, give them a good shake around. Dont leave your bearings in any cleaning fluid for a great amount of time, 10 MINS MAX. Pull them out one by one and have a look for any remaining grime inside the bearings. Give them a spin in your finger tips to see if they need another shake up.

  • Take all bearings out of the cleaner and place on a clean paper towel, give them a good spin in your finger tips to help flick any cleaner out of the bearing races, watch for spray in your eyes!, let them dry out 100%. Sometimes if we are in a hurry we use air in a can.

  • Place 1-2 drops of Better Bearings Bearing Lube onto the bare bearings and give them another spin to help coat all internal areas with the oil. Don't put much more oil than 1-2 drops in otherwise it will leak out the sides when you are skating and will stick dirt to the bearings and wheels.

  • Replace the shields by simply lineing them up and gently popping them in place.

  • Re seat bearings into your wheel hubs by using a bearing tool. Be careful with the pressure you use on the inner and outer races and be mindful not to bend the shields.

  • Clean off your axles and replace your wheels, when tightening your Axle nuts make sure you don't crush the bearings, and that there is enough room for your wheels to roll freely.

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